Spectral Imaging Compared with Traditional Spectrophotmetry

Be sure to view the Principle of Spectral Imaging demonstration first.

A visible-reflectance portable spectrophotometer was used to measure various colors of this painting. A thin transparent plastic was used to protect the painting and along with a digital camera enabled us to determine the approximate measurement position. Our spectral imaging system was used to estimate the painting's spectral reflectance. We calculated the average reflectance for the same area measured by the spectrophotometer.

By moving the spectrophotometer around the painting, you can see the accuracy of spectral imaging compared with direct measurements.

If you want to know all the details, download our technical report:
F.H. Imai, L.A. Taplin, D.C. Day, E.A. Day, and R.S. Berns, Imaging at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., MCSL Technical Report, December 2002. (Download 11.7MB PDF, Download Lo-Res 2.8MB PDF)


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