Color Accuracy of GretagMacbeth ColorChecker Color Rendition Chart: Four Museums Compared with the RIT Two-Filter Method

Each of four institutions imaged the ColorChecker using their usual digital-only workflow. The center square corresponds to the colorimetric data based on contact spectrophotometry. The four corners of each patch correspond to the colormetric data stored in the institutions' digital master files.For more details, download the following article and visit the benchmarking website.

E.P.M. Smoyer, L.A. Taplin, and R.S. Berns, Experimental Evaluation of Museum Case Study Digital Camera Systems, in Proc. IS&T Archiving Conference, IS&T, Springfield, 2005, In Press. (Download 716KB PDF)


Our two-filter approach using a commercial color filter-array camera (outer square) is compared with contact spectrophotometry. For more details, download the following article,

R.S. Berns, L.A. Taplin, M. Nezamabadi, M. Mohammadi, and Y. Zhao, Spectral imaging using a commercial color-filter array digital camera, Proc. of The 14th Triennal ICOM-CC meeting, 2005, In Press. (Download 419KB PDF).

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