Fine Cotton Canvas


Cotton canvas came into use in the early twentieth century for painting as an alternative to linen canvas. Compared to linen canvas, cotton canvas, which is naturally white in color, stretches more easily and generally has a more mechanical weave. The fine texture cotton canvas that was used for the samples would be best suited for applications such as portrait painting where refined and precise detail are important.

The majority of paint samples on fine cotton canvas were done on Art Alternatives 10" x 10"cotton canvas panels which come pre-primed with acrylic gesso. To provide further support and rigidity, these canvas panels were adhered to a 10" x 10" DiBond panel. Art Alternatives 10" x 10"stretched cotton canvases were also used which also come pre-primed with acrylic gesso. Two additional coats of Golden gesso were applied to all the pre-primed canvases using a 1 ½” Robert Simmons White Sable Skyflow brush (278W) to ensure consistency with the other panels.