Golden MSA Varnish with UVLS

Matte (Golden #7740-5)

Gloss (Golden #7730-5)


Golden's Mineral Spirit Acrylic (MSA) Varnish is a mineral spirits based acrylic resin varnish. Acrylic resin varnishes have a high molecular weight and produce a very clear coat that is resistant to yellowing over time. The matte and gloss version of the Golden MSA varnish were used and applied in the same manner. 3 parts Golden MSA varnish was mixed with 1 part Crown paint thinner which is 100% mineral spirits. The varnish was applied in two coats with drying time allowed between applications. Each coat consisted of two passes of a 1 ½” Robert Simmons White Sable Skyflow brush (278W) across the painted surface.