Arches Cold-Pressed Watercolor Paper

Arches Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper


M. Graham Watercolor: Terra Rosa

Pigment: Synthetic iron oxide (PR 101)

Da vinci Watercolor: Chromium Oxide Green

Pigment: Anhydrous chromium sesquioxide (PG17)

M. Graham Watercolor: Ivory Black

Pigment: Amorphous carbon (PBk 9)63

Techniques and Application


The watercolors were applied as a wash with a Princeton Art and Brush Company 3/4" synthetic sable flat wash brush. The proportion of water to paint was varied for each color to achieve different degrees of opacity. Depending on the strength of the pigment, the ratios of water to paint were different for each color. The following lists the water/paint ratios, measured by weight, used for each color.

Terra Rosa: 30/1, 60/1

Chromium Oxide Green: 15/1, 30/1

Ivory Black: 15/1, 30/1


No varnish or fixative was applied to the watercolor samples.