Arches Cold-Pressed Watercolor Paper

Arches Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper


Schmincke Horadam Gouache: English Red (No. 646)

Pigment: Synthetic iron oxide (PR 101)

Schmincke Horadam Gouache: Chromium Oxide Green Brilliant (No. 522)

Pigment: Chromium(III)-oxide dehydrate (PG 18)

M. Graham Gouache: Ivory Black

Pigment: Amorphous carbon (PBk 9)

M. Graham Gouache: Titanium White (Permanent White)

Pigment: Titanium dioxide (PW6)

Techniques and Application


Gouache was applied as a wash with a Princeton Art and Brush Company 3/4" synthetic sable flat wash brush. Two different proportions of water to paint were used to achieve different degrees of opacity. A 50/50 mixture of gouache and water were used to create an opaque wash. A 10 parts water to 1 part gouache mixture was also used which produced a more transparent wash. The washes were applied in two ways. First, in only one direction using a horizontal brushstroke. Secondly, the wash was applied to the paper in various directions.


Gouache, with no water added, was applied with a Princeton Art and Brush Co. ½” synthetic sable angular shader brush to produce a very opaque appearance. Both a single direction brushstroke was used in addition to applying the paint in many different directions.


No varnish or fixative was applied to the gouache samples.